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In the nursery the children will learn through play in a carefully structured programme, suitable to their age and stage of development.  We aim to provide a happy and secure environment where the child will experience success and have fun while learning many new concepts.  The play activities fall into the following main areas:

Imaginative Play - eg house, dressing up, hospital, garden centre, bears’ cave etc
Natural materials -  eg water, sand, clay, peat, bark
Physical Play - eg climbing, balancing equipment, bikes etc
Construction Toys & Materials - both large and small
Table Top - eg matching and sorting games, jigsaws etc
Library - picture books, story books and CDs, non-fiction books

They are categorised under SIX AREAS of learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Opportunities to:
Develop self-esteem, confidence and independence.
Develop secure relationships and an awareness of the needs of others
Develop a sense of responsibility
Develop positive attitudes to learning

Physical Development & Movement
Opportunities to:
Gain body control and confidence
Develop social awareness and manipulate skills
Develop awareness of safety routines
Develop sense of health and well-being

Language Development
Opportunities to:
Develop language skills and self expression
Extend and enrich vocabulary
Develop concentration and listening skills
Enjoy rhymes, songs, stories and books

Early Mathematical Experiences
Opportunities to:
Understand early mathematical concepts through play
activities and daily routines
Develop early logic and reasoning skills
Develop observation and discrimination skills
Participate in number rhymes

The Arts
Opportunities to:
Develop creativity and imagination through play
Enjoy exploring and experimenting with materials, tools,
colours and junk materials
Promote the child’s abilities to represent their ideas and
feelings through a range of media
Enjoy listening and responding to media
Explore and play simple percussion instruments.

The World Around Us
Opportunities to:
Enhance the child’s natural curiosity about how things work
Explore and observe the natural environment
Promote a sense of caring for the environment
Develop understanding of the four seasons, weather, plants and animals
Develop an early awareness of Information Technology
Become aware of their world and the roles that people play in the  community.

Several examples from the six Areas of Learning are constantly available to the children during the session.  The curriculum will be enhanced by visits from individuals with interesting occupations eg Fire Fighters, Paramedic Crew, RNLI, Musicians etc in the past we have also visited the Ark Farm, the Park, W5, the Ulster Museum and shops in the local community.

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